A little mid-week street racing went down this week while the roads were clear. A local powerhouse C5 just received a few driveline upgrades and was looking for some action. A nasty Z06 one state over agreed to come to town for a couple of pulls just to see where both cars were at. We quickly figured out the C5 was slightly out-classed by this nasty Z! The car also sports nitrous, but didn't spray on these runs...

2001 Corvette C5, 408ci, PRC 237 heads, Texas giant cam, 4.10 gears, drag radials, 200 shot.

2009 Corvette Z06, fully built 408 LSX, YSI Vortech blower @ 18lbs, E98 fuel, EFI 128 power controller, 15in Weld/ET Streets.

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