Stockholm Open CHAMPION 2015 - Sweden STREET OUTLAWS!

A giant power plant snuffing a healthy dose of nitrous packed into a tiny little car is exactly what is happening here…and it’s owning everything and ANYTHING! We headed to Stockholm to see what Team Ascona was all about, and boy did we find out! This Opel Ascona is equipped with a Chevy big block and right around 500hp worth of nitrous! Not only that, but this thing is tubbed with a giant tire in the back about the width of the entire rear quarter panel! The competitors were no slouches either - big nitrous V8 cars just like itself. Fortunately, the Ascona clearly has a driver mod and put down the power!

What is the STOCKHOLM OPEN???
-- A buy in of 500 SEK gets you into the race, at the meeting spot a hat draw is done to determine the first round pairings
-- From the initial bracket, the next pairs are automatically determined from the bracket
-- Races occur ALL OVER Stockholm in a 30-40 mile radius.
-- Highways that traditionally are congested during the day transform into drag strips once the sun goes down
-- One racer decides where the race will occur, the other must meet them within 1.5-2 hours time and complete the race or they are both OUT!
-- Some racers have to drive 30-40 miles in between rounds to make it to the next race spot
-- Once you win, you call in and either choose where the next race will happen or find out where you need to meet for the next race.
-- Spectators are WELCOMED to some extent. 30-40 cars is ideal to help block police that show up on the side of the highway they are racing on, police that show up on the other side are divided by a metal divider in between.
-- The race typically happens in ONE NIGHT (due to the time limits for each round)
-- The winner receives the buy in pot and funds donated or raised from selling stickers for the event
-- This is by far the craziest even we’ve ever filmed!
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