Kyosho DRX Nitro Ford/Subaru Rally Cars

The newest version of the Kyosho DRX nitro rally car features authentic factory licensed bodies for the venerable Ford Fiesta and Subaru Impreza WRC Rally cars. The chassis features a strong, flat aluminum plate chassis and a full-time 4WD system that features three differentials. Oil-filled shocks smooth out the bump on either asphalt or dirt racing surfaces. Soft compound tires provide excellent grip for racing in all conditions. The GXR18 engine includes a convenient pull-starter that makes starting easy and economical. The power goes through a two-shoe clutch system that includes durable aluminum shoes and common scissor clutch springs that can be used to tune the clutch. The differentials can also use optional silicone fluid to tune the action of the drivetrain for even better, more confident handling.

Last but not least, the DRX features a Syncro 2.4 GHz radio with a four channel receiver (extra channels for future development). Throttle end point adjustments, steering dual rate, servo reversing for both channels and indivudual trim settings are the features of the factory-installed radio.

You can make the DRX as simple or as challenging as you desire with some simple tuning and vehicle options. This car can go from fast and fun to precision-tuned and ready to take on all the competition."

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