This Rolls-Royce Dawn looks like a Stormtrooper

Classy. Distinguished. If it wasn’t for the big grille, perhaps even understated. These are words you might employ to describe the Rolls-Royce Dawn. But probably not Wald International’s Rolls-Royce Dawn.

The Japanese tuner that thought slamming a Prius was a good idea has got hold of perhaps the most luxurious car on sale, and given it a makeover. And we’re almost certain you won’t be sitting on the fence on this one.

Now, one of the Dawn’s defining features is how cossetting it is, how well it swallows up any road imperfections. Dropping it by several inches and sticking it on 22-inch ‘Duchatlet D41C’ wheels might dent those abilities, however. Tuning fans the world over will delight in seeing this show car demonstrate two colour schemes for the wheels simultaneously, meanwhile, via a different pair on each side.

Exaggerating the attitude of the Dawn’s ride drop further are numerous stylistic additions, most notable being those rippled side skirts, the no-doubt-unnecessary rear diffuser, and a rather Stormtrooper-ish face.

We’ve not even got to the name yet. This is the Dawn Black Bison, which is a metaphorically much larger and more intimidating name than Rolls’s own Black Badge range. And given the gleamingly white colour scheme, arguably an odd moniker.

Get clicking to see the Wald Dawn Black Bison in detail, and let us know which side of the fence you sit on, using the box below…



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