The P-51 is a 727bhp Ford Mustang

There are many powerful Ford Mustangs, but few quite as powerful as the Roush P-51. Its Eaton supercharged 5.0-litre ‘Coyote’ V8 makes 727bhp. That’s a whole Golf R more than a standard V8 ‘Stang. Yee, and indeed, haw. 

Buyers of the $42,500 P-51 kit (yes, that’s on top of a donor ‘Stang) don’t just get more power, either. Three-way adjustable coilovers and special lightweight wheels and tyres are thrown in too, helping make some sense of the extra shove.

Meanwhile, an active exhaust offers three “preloaded exhaust sound profiles” as well as a custom mode that supposedly lets you tailor the sound to your tastes via an app. Oh, and manual transmission cars – buyers can choose between six-speed manual or automatics – get a brake upgrade. 

Inside there’s tan leather, myriad trim that says P-51 on it and “performance pedals” made, we sincerely hope, from some form of lead. For the joke, if nothing else. 

The exterior is surprisingly restrained. Much of it is the same as Roush’s other Mustangs, but the P-51 gets a bespoke carbon spoiler and splitter, as well as special paintwork, lights in the grille and bespoke badges.

Handily, all this comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty for when something goes bang.

Roush is building 51 of these aviation-inspired specials. Want one? 


P-51 727bhp Ford Mustang

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