McLaren 570GT is a supercar that’s attacking a new niche head on.

the McLaren 570GT is a supercar that’s attacking a new niche head on. It’s a car Woking wants to be the most practical, most comfortable, most refined McLaren of all. The long-distance car. The cruiser. The Gee-Tee.

But what happens if you want the power of McLaren’s more serious supercars - like the outgoing 650S - and a stiffer ride? Well, you buy a 650S. Or take a 570GT to tuner Novitec.

The German modder that’s positively stockcarphobic (we may’ve just made that irrational fear up) has taken the softer, less powerful GT and made it firmer and more powerful. Yes, it’s answered a question literally no one asked.

The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 now produces 646bhp (76 more than standard) which skews the performance figures with a 0-62mph time now coming in at three seconds dead and its top speed to a frightening 208mph, improvements of 0.4sec and 4mph. Not bad for the slowest McLaren, eh?

Alongside the boost being turned up, a few components have been added. The anti-lift properties of the GT have been increased as there’s a new carbo fibre spoiler standing above the GT’s standard ducktail. There’s also an upgraded circular exhaust available in pauper stainless steel or lightweight Inconel, new cats, 20-inch wheels at the front, 21-inch wheels at the rear, new lower profile tyres and a suspension dropped by 30 millimetres. Yeah, how’s that comfy GT ride now?

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