Fancy a modified Ford Mustang with 800bhp?

800bhp? From a Mustang? Getouttahere.

Nope, we kid you not: this is indeed an 800bhp, modified Ford Mustang. Dealer Clive Sutton – who last year gave us the 700bhp CS700 – has upped the ante on the latest Mustang quite significantly. It represents a “new pinnacle” for Sutton’s Mustang tuning programme. Fittingly, it is called the CS800.

How have they managed to squeeze 800 horses out of a Mustang?

By using a Stage 2 Whipple supercharger, along with an upgraded intercooler, new injectors and a larger throttle body. Sutton have also fitted a new exhaust system with long tube headers, a sports catalyst, and quad-tailpipes with ‘active control’ (read: NOISE).

Silly question, but we are talking about the V8, right?

Um, yeah, it’s the V8. Duh. And it’s matched to a six-speed manual gearbox, driving of course, the rear wheels.

Though Sutton will build you a modified version of the 2.3-litre Ecoboost-engined Mustang, but you don’t really want that. Because you want one with a supercharged V8 instead.

Indeed. Has there been much suspensioning?

Much. There’s a three-way adjustable suspension setup, said to be more compliant than the CS700 that preceded it. About that CS700.When we drove it last year, TG’s Ollie Marriage noted: “It’s actually quite well damped considering how shortly sprung it now is (dropped 25mm at the front and 35mm at the back), but you’d have to say it’s pretty positive. This KW set-up is the most aggressive Sutton offers, and it’s worth knowing that it’s completely adjustable, and gives the car a really good attacking stance.”

Couldn’t help but notice it’s, err, had a few body upgrades too?

Correct. There is much carbon-fibre based body trickery, including a deep CF front splitter, CF side skirts, a ‘Super Snake’ bonnet, a CF bootlid with an integrated spoiler, and a CF rear end that accommodates those many exhaust tailpipes. Subtle, perhaps, is not a word you’d associate with the CS800. Or indeed any Mustang. 

And what about the insides of the CS800?

You get electrically-adjustable Ford Performance Recaro seats, a carbon fibre dashboard, a short-shift gear lever, some Sutton/CS800 badging and stitching, and – on the car displayed at least – a monster 1,100W Audiofile hifi.

All in, you’re looking at £64,950, including VAT. Should you wish, you can option individual performance and styling packs. Read our review of the CS700 to find out why that might be a prudent choice…


MODIFIED Ford Mustang 800bhp

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