• Liberty Walk has tuned the Honda S660

    If there are two shorthand examples of the bizarreness of Japanese car culture, they are Liberty Walkand the Honda S660.

    The former is a borderline crackpot tuning house, one which sees no shame in dropping supercars to undriveable levels, before sticking on riveted wheel arches the like of which haven’t been seen since thePorsche 993 GT2.

    The latter, meanwhile, is one of the odder examples of the kei car. Keis fit a set of strict regulations – limiting physical dimensions and engine size – and are normally cheap, tax-efficient city cars. The S660 follows all of the criteria yet somehow ends up as a mid-engined, rear-driven roadster. A Micro Machines NSX, perhaps.

    Well Japanophiles rejoice, as the two have gloriously met. The end result is – well, take a look for yourself above. You might love it. You might hate it. We suspect you won’t occupy any middle ground between those things. This is not a ‘meh’ car.

    Perhaps surprisingly, the S660’s modest 63bhp three-cylinder engine (with 660cc, if you’d not guessed) is untouched. The changes are all cosmetic. The plastic bodykit is quite a thing to behold, with a front bumper and side skirts that would shatter into a million pieces on the speed bumps of London’s rat runs, and a rear diffuser we’re going to surmise does naff all for the S660’s aero profile.

    Then there’s the ducktail rear spoiler, humongous arches and those heavily cambered wheels, which are tucked right into the bodywork. Notice their slick tyres, which look far from legal. We suspect this car isn’t really for driving anyway.

    Nope, it’s for showing off at late night meets in moody Tokyo car parks. Where it probably stands a very good chance of being star turn among the LED-draped Lambos. It’s an extraordinary looking thing, and surely peak Japan in car form.

    Go on, then: love it or hate it?

  • Random Snap: We Like Engine-Swapped Minivans

    Random Snap: We Like Engine-Swapped Minivans

    The minivan. Purchasing one could be considered the equivalent of committing automotive suicide; you know when you go down this route that your life as an enthusiast is well and truly over. Or is it?

    I came across this H22-swapped Odyssey at Track & Show and decided to grab a quick Random Snap as a reminder. Regular readers might remember that Mike put together a spotlight on the Honda at Wekfest Japan last year, but I didn’t realise just how cool and unique it was until I saw it for myself.

    On that note, what would be your ideal JDM van? And more importantly, if you had one, how would you modify it?