• This is a 1,000bhp Hyundai

    One thousand horsepower at the crank, over 800 at the rear wheels. And no, that’s not the car screaming, that’s you. Because this is a 1,000bhp Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and it’s mad.

    It’s been built by a Chicago-based tuner for the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas next month; a tuner called Blood Type Racing, which goes some way to explain a) the colour of the thing, and b) the sheer speed of it.

    Though no acceleration figures have been provided, we can bet a pint of the red stuff that they will be impressive. As mentioned, this BTR Genesis Coupe packs a thunderous 1,000bhp wallop from a turbocharged 2.2-litre four-cylinder engine. Eat that, Volvo. You don’t even know the meaning of turbo lag.

    Believe it or not, this isn’t the first Genesis with Bugatti Veyron power. Though Bisimoto Engineering’s 1,000bhp Genesis started out with a V6 engine almost twice the size of BTR’s…

    To make such a big whoopee, BTR (deep breath) bored out a 2.0-litre to a 2.2-litre, fitted forged rods, new pistons, Darton cylinder sleeves, a race head gasket, stainless steel valves and new springs, ‘GSC Stage 2’ cams, ARP studs and flywheel bolts, a custom intake manifold, upgraded engine mounts and a custom ECU.

    Then comes a ‘Precision Turbo’ turbocharger, an electronic boost controller, a custom down pipe, dual exhaust system, custom oil cooler/fuel return/fuel rail/fuel pump systems, and better injectors. Oh, and Nitrous. Lots and lots of lovely nitrous.

    There’s more, too. Big Boy Stuff like coilover suspension, anti-roll bars, body braces, performance brakes, performance tyres (on custom alloys), racing seats and harnesses, many gauges, a roll cage, a sporty steering wheel, an upgraded clutch, better transmission mounts and a short shift kit.

    The body has been lightly attended to. Though of course, that’s a lie, because it’s been bludgeoned by flared arches, new front and rear bumpers, and a bloody big GT wing. Any more and they would have ended up with A BRAND NEW CAR.

    “It’s easy to add lots of power to an engine,” said a man named Sam Lee who works for BTR, “but we engineered all other aspects of the vehicle - cornering and handling, stopping power, visual appearance - to complement the massive horsepower.”

    This car is said to bring the excitement of underground racing to SEMA, which kicks off next month, November 4, in Vegas. What does it bring to you, Top Gear faithful? (Hint: FEAR)