Check out TechArt’s widebody Panamera

It’s taken two attempts, but Porsche has finally nailed the Panamera. V2 is more resolved and Porsche-y to look at, has class-leading driving dynamics and a proper posh interior, too. But all these improvements haven’t stopped TechArt barging its way in and adding one more thing: width.

Coming in at a squeeze under two metres as standard, anyone who has had the displeasure of posting a Panamera into a tight underground car park knows that it is quite a girthy thing. But not girthy enough for TechArt, as the German tuner has grafted a widebody kit onto the turbo variant, increasing its overall width by 80mm.

Making use of carbonfibre, this vast kit is inspired by the Panamera’s sporty sibling, the GT3. There are wider intakes at the front (now housing the radar cruise), a GT department-style bumper allowing air to escape over the new carbon bonnet, more aggressive side skirts flowing into the fenders, and a completely new carbon bumper and diffuser punctuated by four carbon-tipped exhausts.

Weirdly, TechArt decided to bin one of the new Panamera Turbo’s coolest features: the transforming Iron Man rear spoiler. Instead, it’s favoured a traditional whopper of a spoiler plonked on the rear deck.  And there are new, bigger 22-inch black wheels and colourful brake calipers.

Inside it’s a lair of fine leather, Alcantara and lacquered carbon surfacing. There’s a new, smaller diameter TechArt Type-7 steering wheel to please the more enthusiastic driver. And you can have your gearshift paddles trimmed in either leather or Alcantara for more fondling pleasure.

As yet, there are no mechanical upgrades detailed. But considering this GrandGT kit can be screwed onto the Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid – a car with a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 and e-motor churning out 670bhp, 627lb ft and a claimed top speed of 192mph – there’s probably no need.



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