Behold the Bentley Bentayga Wide-Body

Lumma Design is no stranger to the pages of We have described its BMW X6 as ‘retina-searing’ and its Jaguar F-Pace as ‘Premiership footballer-friendly’. So what, pray tell, should we make of this, its modified Bentley Bentayga?

Due for an unveiling at the Geneva motor show in early March, the CLR B900 Wide-Body follows Lumma’s usual SUV makeover to-do list. Namely, it’s even wider than before – making an already width restrictor-shy car even more likely to block inner-city streets – with bulbous new wheelarches to accommodate frighteningly kerb-able alloy wheels.

The one’s you see here are Lumma’s largest yet, and measure 24 inches. You can also spec 22in and 23in wheels, but frankly you’ll be laughed out of the Old Trafford car park with such weeny castors on your modified SUV.

There’s plentiful carbonfibre, including bonnet scoops (obviously) and exhaust tips (naturally), and you can have them with the weave on show, or body coloured. In fact, personalisation really is the name of the game, with a grasp of taste doubtless unnecessary.

Lumma will also offer a (currently unspecified) power upgrade for Bentley’s V8 diesel and a sports exhaust system for the whisper-quiet W12 petrol engine. Neither are in the least bit slow, making additional horsepower as superfluous as those carbon scoops.

But then that’s rather the point with cars like this, isn’t it? We’ll find out firmer details when the Wide-Body appears at Geneva. For now, just one crucial question: like the way it looks?



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